Vikings vs Jets

Vikings vs Jets : The Minnesota Vikings hanging on to the second spot in the NFC North, the team is hoping to continue their winning ways and make it three in a row against the New York Jets in Week 7 of the 2018 NFL season.

Vikings vs Jets Live

Minnesota will be on the road for this contest, but they will face a tough Jets team with a promising rookie quarterback and a hard-nosed defense looking to get some respect in the league as well.

Fans won’t want to miss a moment of this game. Here is how they can watch the Week 7 matchup on Sunday!

If there’s a team in the NFL that can truly appreciate Adam Thielen, it’s the New York Jets. Their locker room is filled with players who came up the way he did — the hard way.

The Jets have 16 former undrafted free agents, including six starters: Robby Anderson, Jermaine Kearse, Isaiah Crowell and Eric Tomlinson on offense, Steve McLendon and Brandon Copeland on defense. Each player is a success story, but what Thielen is doing for the Minnesota Vikings is truly remarkable.

“I had to make my own spoon,” said McLendon, who played at Troy. “I tell people I had to get it out of the mud. I had to use mud as glue. Every stick that I found, I had to put it together with mud. … I always thought, ‘All I need is one opportunity, one chance.’ Pittsburgh took a chance on me. I was thankful. I was more than thankful, because I felt like I had an opportunity to live out my dream.

“I’m pretty sure that’s how [Thielen] is right now. He’s thankful for somebody giving him a chance to live out his dream.

Every player has a story, a reason he wasn’t drafted. Copeland came from the Ivy League (Penn), not a football factory. Anderson had a checkered career at Temple and didn’t have much experience. Crowell changed schools because of off-the-field issues, hurting his stock. Kearse ran a disappointing 40 time at the combine.

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