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Saints vs Ravens: The New Orleans Saints (4 wins and 1 losses) led by defender Drew Bresum led by defender Joe Flacco in the 7th NFL football game on Sunday, October 21, 2018, against Baltimore. Ravens (4-2) / 18) at the M & T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.

Saints vs Ravens Live

The match between ravens and saints was one of the most interesting games of the 7th week. Can Baltimore prove that great defense can stop the most qualified crime? Or was Drew Brets finally able to beat the Ravens best and beat all 32 NFL teams?

In December, week 7 may be a key point in the Ravens season. With a victory, Baltimore won the four-game winning streak of “Saints” and can claim to be the true rival in the AFC. If Baltimore is a reliable team or can only produce inconsistent production, the problem will still exist.

This fan base seeks to succeed because the Ravens played the playoffs for the last time in 2014. Baltimore is building a strong enough attack to allow D to shine. The elimination of leading NFL players will significantly accelerate growth in the coming weeks, including a key match against the Steelers in Week 9.

There must be something in the game between the goofy-saints and the defensive Ravens. In 4-1, New Orleans looks like an NFC class (along with unbeatable Rams) and now has a passing pier in NFL history, the immortal Drew Breus.

At the same time, the Ravens entered the AFC North with 4-1 points and completed the game in an amazing defeat for the Tennessee Titans. Baltimore’s defense fired Titans defender Marcus Mariota 11 (!!!!!!) times. We have not seen so many epic blows after a hot Justin Bieber.

Gray and white chestnuts believe that defense is winning the championship. Earlier this season, we used traditional wisdom and got eggs on our faces. We may be stupid, but we are not stupid. This is a year of crime.

To predict the outcome of the 7th week of the game, Unanimous A.I used the so-called group intelligence to predict the situation this week. About 29 NFL enthusiasts work together as a hive for choice. As you can see in the animation below, each participant controls a small golden magnet and uses it to drag ice hockey in response, which, in their opinion, is the most likely result. When the user sees the progress of the hockey to a particular decision, it causes a psychological reaction. They adjusted their decisions and established the consensus that you see below. It is an artificial intelligence created by the human brain as a group.

According to most of the betting lines in Las Vegas, the Ravens ratings for the New Orleans Saints before the 7th week of the autopsy were 2:30.

NFL’s top hitter and defensive match is the fourth game in a row in the ravens, scoring three points or less. When they beat Sunday in Tennessee Titan 21-0, it was easy to make a spray of two and a half points as the most popular player.

The Saints (4 wins and 1 loss) did not participate in the 6th week of the game, and there are four victories in a row, this is the second long winning series in the NFL. But defender Drew Bryce did not win a four career with the ravens, the only team he did not win in his 18-year career.

Ravens (4-2) won their first two home games, averaging 28.5 points, but recently played poorly against the NFC teams. According to CBS Sports, their total score is 4-8 and only 3-8-1 in the last 12 games against opponents outside the conference.

A repetition of the decision taken by the 29 NFL expert hive shows that the group has chosen New Orleans to win on the Baltimore road. Roy AI loves New Orleans in this. We agree. Saints 28, Crows 24.

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