Texans vs Jaguars

Texans vs Jaguars: The Houston Texans will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in one of the NFL Games on Sunday, kick off time at 1:00 PM ET, at TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville, FL. Texans vs Jaguars odds and point spread is at -4.5 Jacksonville.

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The Houston Texans (3-3) are riding in a three-game winning streak including 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills in which Deshaun Watson completed 15 of 25 passes for 177 yards and a touchdown against two interceptions.

Texans vs Jaguars game schedule info:

Date: October 21, 2018
Start Time: 1:00 PM ET
TV Channel Schedule: CBS
Live Stream: NFL Game Pass
Odds and Point Spread: -4.5 Jacksonville
Prediction: The Jaguars are in a slump and this is the time for them to come out and play well. The Jaguars will cover the spread.

In rushing, Lamar Miller ran for 46 yards in 15 carries while Alfred Blue added 26 yards in seven attempts.

In receiving, DeAndre Hopkins caught for 63 yards and a touchdown in five receptions while Will Fuller V aand Keke Coutee added 33 yards each.

Offensively, the Texans are averaging 22.5 points and 388.8 total yards (279.7 in passing and 109.2 in rushing) per game. Defensively, the Texans are yielding 22.8 points and 341.7 total yards (245.8 in passing and 95.8 in rushing) per game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) are riding in a two-game losing streak including a 40-7 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in which Black Bortles completed 15 of 26 passes for 149 yards and a touchdown against an interception.

In receiving, T.J. Yeldon ran for 41 yards in eight carries while Bortles added 22 yards in four attempts.

In receiving, Keelan Cole caught for 41 yards in four receptions while Dede Westbrook added 38 yards and a touchdown in three catches. James O’Shaghnessy and Yeldon each contributed 29 yards.

Offensively, the Jaguars are averaging 18.2 points and 371.0 total yards (267.2 in passing and 103.3 in rushing) per game. Defensively, the Jaguars are yielding 21.0 points and 306.5 total yards (187.8 in passing and 118.7 in rushing) per game.

Bills vs Colts

Bills vs Colts: In the seventh week of the Indianapolis Colts, the Buffalo Bills will perform well in the playoffs early in the season.

Bills vs Colts Live

However, the Colts (1-5), led by quarterback Andrew Luck, will not only move to the account (2-4).

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Using the seventh week of the Las Vegas SuperContest series, we can tell you that White likes the Pony (-7.5) against Bill at home.

White told SportsLine: “Why did you choose not only the team 1-5 touchdown? Because Andrew Luck played well and the Colts finally got healthy.” “TY Hilton and Magus Hunt come back to this game, and the last 100% offensive line can have a big impact on Bill’s pass, and Derek Anderson will start a game in 2018. He loses the record, luck against Anderson It’s a showdown of QB, and at least it should be -10 in Indy.The Colts’ solid performance keeps the Bills unchanged, while the Colts win with two digits. “

What is surprising is that White supports the Bears (+3) to cover the Patriots.

A week after being eliminated, experienced quarterback Derek Anderson is ordering Buffalo Bill’s rookie Josh Allen to replace the injured player’s starting job.

Coach Sean McDermott announced the news on Wednesday when Buffalo returned to training camp to prepare for the game at Indianapolis (1-5) on Sunday.

McDermott discarded Allen because of a sprained elbow in his arm. He said there is currently no plan for the field marshal to undergo surgery.

White told SportsLine: “The Patriots did not perform well in the game, and I did not see them after a shootout on Sunday night and I threw a lot of data against DVOA’s main defense.” “The right solution, Marcus Cannon, has fought for Pats, and Khalil Mack avoided the final injury label after losing practice earlier this week, I hope Tom Brady has a difficult week, and the Bears offense it should be successful in the games played, the weakest part of the game is the defense of the New England team, which is important along the way. “

White is also asking that a family favorite be surprised on Sunday. Who is the one that will surprise you?

Patriots vs Bears

Patriots vs Bears: Khalil Mack participated in the Bears’ final practice of the week on Friday, clearing the way for the edge rusher to play Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Patriots vs Bears Live

The New England Patriots (4 wins, 2 losses) led by quarterback Tom Brady and nervous Roger Gronkowski, in the seventh week of the NFL football game on Sunday, October 21. The Chicago Bears (3 wins and 2 losses) led by quarterback Mitchell Trubieski, 2018 (10/21/18) at Soldiers Field in Chicago, Illinois.

The Chicago Bears are slowly accepting with perimeter linebacker Khalil Mack all week. The talented passer was injured in an ankle injury to the Miami Dolphins in the sixth week, but he still dominated most of the game. In the first two exercises in Chicago on Wednesday and Thursday, Mike missed both exercises. Head coach Matt Nagy said that this is a daily scenario for Mack so far. Adam Schefter of ESPN clarified this on Friday’s radio show.

“Adam Schefter told Gerry Callahan that Bears plans to broadcast Khalil Mack this Sunday,” said Kirk & Callahan’s tweet on the radio show.

In the game against Miami on Sunday, Mike’s game against the Dolphins was the highest in season 62 (79.5%). In the fourth week, he took 51 snapshots (81%), played 50 snapshots (100%) in the third week and shot 42 snapshots (72.7%) in the second week. He played in the first week. 42 snapshots (70.0%). He completed the game with only two tackles, finishing his four consecutive games in a row, at least one fight and one forced to explore.

When he returned to the game after the injury, Mike obviously was not the same player. Instead of the typical sprint that Mack has been contributing this year, he is one or two steps behind the finish line throughout Sunday afternoon. This type of damage may have worked, just like the weather. The heat index for Miami that afternoon was about 100 degrees. Mike is not the only member of the bass team that strives to perform at a high level.

In five games of the season, Mike has recorded 19 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 forced turnovers and one interception in the next game. His efforts in the first four games helped him win the NFC defensive player’s monthly prize. Chicago’s defense is because it has a new identity in the lineup. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio had to rely less on the quarterback because the first seven on the Chicago team were able to do it independently. In the game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Mike’s lineup will be great.

The Patriots now have a 4-2 record and sit atop the AFC East division. So far this season, quarterback Tom Brady has thrown 1,599 yards with 1399 touchdowns and six interceptions. The New England team has done a good job to protect Brady this season. The offensive line only allowed 8 shots and tied the NFL with the second.

Mike has never missed a game in his career in the NFL for 69 games in a row. Chicago will return to practice Friday afternoon before posting an injury report for Sunday’s game. The injury designation on Friday will provide a good understanding of the perception of Bears injuries.

Chargers vs Titans

Chargers vs Titans:  A major AFC showdown will take place at Wembley Stadium in London at 9:30 a.m. EST on Sunday, when the Tennessee Titans will face Los Angeles Lightning.

Chargers vs Titans Live

The shrewd charger (4-2) will look for his fourth consecutive win and should stay warm to keep up with the Emirates team of AFC West. If they can win a two-game losing streak, it will be guaranteed that the Titans (3-3) will hang from one part of the AFC South.

The Titans will participate in overseas competitions for the first time at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday against Los Angeles Lightning.

Tennessee will lose to the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 21 to 0 and will seek redemption. We interview Kyle Posey, executive editor of Chargers Wire, for information about the opponent of the seventh week of the Titans.

The Charger is a favorite of 6.5 points and scores a total of 45 points on the latest Chargers vs. Odds. Titans. Before making any of the selections of the Chargers vs. Titans, take a look at the expert R.J. White from SportsLine.

White was an NFL analyst last season and rewarded $ 100 with a win of nearly $ 2,000. The famous NFL forecaster has achieved great success in the famous SuperContest in Las Vegas in the last three years, and now turned to the game on Sunday. White has a long history of success in preventing these teams from succeeding, including an impressive 13-7 points in the selection of passes for the Titans in the last two seasons. Anyone who follows him is the way, above.

In the fourth week, White told SportsLine members that the Titans were in a favorable 3.5-point home game against the Hawks. He suggested that public sentiment in Philadelphia faded, and his predictions worked when the Titans won the overtime 26-23.

Now, he has carefully checked Lightning’s team against the Titans from all angles to reveal a high-profile pass that he only shared on SportsLine.

White knows that both clubs must be motivated to show inspiration, as the results will have an impact on their respective divisional games. The charger is the best option for the expected decrease of AFC. Instead, they want to keep up with the raging Emirates, who defeated them in the first week of Los Angeles. His other losses came from the Rams, who are now the Super Bowl favorites in 2019.

But Los Angeles has been strong in the last three games and seems to improve every week. The charger beat the Raiders and Browns 64-24 in the last two games. Melvin Gordon ran 132 yards and 3 touchdowns in Cleveland with a 38-14 victory last week. This defense may be the best appearance of the season, quarterback Brown Beck Mayfield killed five times while intercepting two passes.

Even so, the charger needs a similar effort to compensate for the expansion of the Titan Club, which wants to recover some of its own momentum.

After the start of the Dolphins season, the Tennessee team won three impressive victories in three consecutive games, including a score of 9 to 6 in Jacksonville. The Titans lost a pitfall on the Buffalo team with a score of 13 to 12 and had the worst performance in the loss to Baltimore last week. However, they lost 6-6 against the pass in the game and played against the opponent of the winner in the last 12 games with 9-3 ATS. …