Lions vs Dolphins

Lions vs Dolphins: The Detroit Lions have just finished the weekend and will welcome the Miami Dolphins this week. A few weeks later, after the Green Bay Packers were canceled, although they still had 2-3, they seemed to be changing their season. Miami is shooting, only defeating the Chicago Bears to 4-2 in the young season. Obviously, this game is a lot for both sides because they are ready for the seventh week of the game.

During the offseason, the Lions had many remarkable moves. They signed linebacker Devon Kennard and made LeGarrette Blount a great move earlier this time. In the draft, they grabbed Frank Ragnow to consolidate his offensive front, and Kerryon Johnson became his future runner. However, perhaps the greatest overall movement of the team is to let Matt Patricia sign the head coach. After a hard 2017, this situation has brought new emotion and fresh air to the organization.

It can be said that there is not a more exciting time to become a fan of the Lions Club because the team is trying to become a competitor with a new leadership with a clear blood champion. This is true even if there were some early adversities in 2018.

At the same time, due to Adam Gase and the company, Miami has had a good start this season. They were recently victorious by Brock Osweiler, who gave the Bears an incredible victory and also saw Carmelo Wick, Coy Alonso, Frank Gogh. And players like Albert Wilson. Obviously, for the dolphins this week, getting great games from these guys will be great because they try to dress the Lions in the warm atmosphere of the south.

The Lions are achieving a great victory with the Packers team and resting for a good week and a plan for the Dolphins, who easily beat the Bears in Florida last Sunday. The first win outside of the season will be the music of the first Lions fans and will come at the best time. This team met for the last time. At the end of 2014, Detro beat Miami in 20-16, with the typical example of Theo Riddick on the court.

Lions 27, Dolphin 21: According to my application of time, it will appear in the 80’s in Miami on Sunday. This is not good news for the Lions, this year will enter the stadium of the Dolphins 3-0. But the lions will rest, from his farewell. This game will show that Lions are growing in an important way: they have become spiritually strong.

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Lions 26, Dolphins 23: Unless head coach Matt Patricia treats Goodbye Week as a training ground and makes his guys go stupid, I suspect the Lions have improved in a week off and built on them to win Based in Green Bay.

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Dolphin 26, Lions 20: After hearing the good name of Pro Football Hall of Fame member Dave Birkett, Hall of Famer Frank Gore ran 102 yards to let Freep scribes eat his words or buy me lunch. Or nothing. Brock Osweiler sent two touchdown passes and the Lions confused even more a fan base that he did not know what to believe.

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Lions 20, Dolphins 17: The backup quarterback against Osweiler and the Dolphins offensive line was reduced by two fifths. The Lions have no reason not to win the game. Yes, Patricia did her best sales job this week, trying to convince players and the public that Dolphins is the dominant local team and the best team they face this year. But the Lions team is a more talented team, they must rest and prepare for 11 consecutive weeks in the game.

In other words, this will not be a small problem. The Dolphins have two capable runners and one or two effective defensive players. But while Matthew Stafford is in charge of the ball, the Lions’ second victory will reach .500.

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